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Computer Training

A World of New Vision: An Overview of Technology

There are no prerequisites for this class which presents an overview of many devices and tools that make everyday tasks and information accessible to visually impaired people. 


Each student receives handouts and resource information during the classes.  The instructor and guest speakers discuss, demonstrate and provide hands-on experience with many of today’s new aids and cutting-edge products.


This exposure to products allows students to learn about the range of available aids and to experience equipment before making expensive purchases.  Our aim is to provide information about products which are useful without sophisticated technology as well as products which use cutting-edge technology. 


During the class, the instructor and assistive technology vendors show students items available in Vista Center Store and catalogs – tried and true practical aids such as talking watches, recorders, talking clock radios, organizational tools and low vision aids from optical magnifiers to portable video magnifiers.


We demonstrate and discuss current technological devices, such as the mobile Kurzweil Reader included in a cell phone, simple to smart cell phones for visually impaired users, GPS navigation systems designed for blind and visually impaired users, locator devices, color recognition devices, large print and talking computer software (ZoomText, JAWS, Open Book), the use of BookShare and devices for storing and reading books and print information such as the Victor Reader Stream. 


 Technological based equipment changes rapidly as smaller and better devices are developed.  The class is able to respond to these changes as vendors bring the latest products.  Students are given resources for additional information and to purchase equipment via handouts, the resource information and information from the internet.  Students in the class have the  opportunity to ask questions and obtain information relevant to their  individual  needs.

For more info or to enroll in upcoming classes contact Jan McKinley at   650-858-0202, Extension 185 or