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Tribute to Steve Nakagawa

Photo of Steve NakagawaOn November 5th, 2014 Vista Center lost long-time staff member and friend, Stephen (Steve) Nakagawa. 

Steve was a client, a board member, managed The Store at Vista Center, and was most recently the Access Technology Resource Manager.

Steve’s background was in high-tech.  He was Tech Support Manager at Palm, Global Village, Store Manager at ComputerWare, and the Computer and Electronics Store manager at San Jose State.   Steve’s calm and kind nature combined with his expertise and knowledge of a wide range of accessible technology tools was much appreciated by those who contacted Vista Center for advice or guidance about devices or tools that might work best for their own particular needs. 

Photo of Steve during a presentation of accessible devices to a large audience at the Vista Center Low Vision ExpoIn addition to his many contributions, Steve loved equipment and gadgets and enjoyed sharing his knowledge with others.  He was the force and organizer behind several technology groups, each open to the public, designed to help people improve their lives with the use of technology. And Steve did all of these things for our clients as a volunteer.

Steve demonstrating talking I.D. Mate at the Low Vision ExpoThe monthly Tech User Group gave attendees the opportunity to listen to speakers discuss newly released equipment or aids. Be it a robot guide dog demonstration, a special LED magnified headset or a group- member led-session, this group is always interesting.

The Access Technology Lab Day was conceived by Steve and assisted by a knowledgeable volunteer, to offer a hands-on introduction Steve seated in conference room.  Looks like he's about to say someting funnyto technology tools, tailor-made for interested individuals and family members, who are also welcome to sit in and learn at the same time.

The Technology Brown Bag Lunch series was Steve’s most recent addition to make it easier for those interested in learning about new tools or the opportunity to learn about the latest iPhone features, during their lunch break.

In his low-key quiet way, Steve worked hard to provide and disseminate information about technology to all who might be interested, taking into account all age ranges and varying ranges of vision.  Steve kept up to date with the latest technology by way of his relationship with accessible technology vendors, many who have become good friends of Vista Center.  Photo of Steve and two Tech User Group member buddies Thanks to Steve’s efforts, attendees have often been the first to hear about new tech tools, before their official release.

Steve deserves many accolades and we are so happy that his legacy and he himself live on in these groups thanks to several of his group buddies.  Each is passionate about technology and has offered to help carry on the contribution Steve has made to Vista Center by helping to lead these enjoyable groups.

Steve always made sure attendees enjoyed their visit and when he could, provided pizza and drinks during lunch or late afternoon hours.  We hope to continue that tradition.

Thank you Steve,


Your colleagues and friendsSteve and other Vista Center Staff members at Halloween.  Steve is wearing an SF Giants baseball cap and Giants Sweatshirt